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Composting Sale Days
Community Litter Picks
Teignbridge Real Nappy trial kits
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Litter Campaign
Fed up with seeing litter thrown from cars? 

Keep your eyes open for our campaign starting this month. 

You will be able to report offenders online at

Lets work together to see Teignbridge Tidy and Litter free!
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Composting Sale Days
Come and see us at our roadshows in Newton Abbot
Come and talk to an advisor for advice on making your own Compost at Home

Low cost compost bins for sale
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Community Litter Picks
Did you know that you can borrow kit from the council to litter pick your local area?
We can support your community group by providing litter pickers, hi-visibility waistcoats, disposable gloves and sacks.

Further information and guidance about organising a community litter pick can be found on our webpage
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Teignbridge Real Nappy trial kits
Did you know that parents can try using real nappies for free?
28 million disposable nappies are sent for disposal in Devon each year.

We offer Teignbridge residents the chance to try out a range of modern reusable nappies.

A recent trialist said "The trial kit was a great opportunity to learn more about cloth nappies."

If you know of of any parents who may be interested using reusable nappies please invite them to email to find out more.
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Quiz Winner
Thank you to all who took part in our quiz over the summer!

And congratualations to our winner, Helen Ashworth.

The correct answers for all those who took part are:

Question 1 - How cold should your fridge be to keep food fresh for longer? - Answer c) - 4 degrees celius

Question 2 - The energy saved from recycling one glass jar will power a computer for 25 minutes.  Answer b)True


Question 3 - In Teignbridge, which recycling container should you put mixed household plastic packaging and cans in? Answer a) Black Box