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New foil recycling
Confess your guilty food waste secrets
Remember to recycle your bathroom items
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New foil recycling

Great news! You can now recycle foil from the kerbside.


We are now able to take your foil trays, foil lids and kitchen foil for recycling.  Just pop them in your black recycling box.


Unsure if its foil ? Use the scrunch test.



Confess your guilty food waste secrets

Even the most 'angelic' of us can create a little bit of food waste. 


For the chance to WIN a Smarter FridgeCam - worth £150 - confess your sins in our summer prize draw and receive helpful tips and advice to reduce waste and save money.


Simply tell us which food types you struggle with the most. 

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Remember to recycle your bathroom items

Whilst many of us are regular recyclers, there is one area that often gets overlooked - the bathroom!  Did you know that many of the items commonly found in the bathroom can be recycled in your household collection?


Whether you're giving your bathroom a scrub or have come to the end of the conditioner, remember to recycle everything you can! A good tip is to have a recycling container in your bathroom so you don't forget to recycle them!

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