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Web watch

Have a look at some of interesting things we have seen on the web over the past month... 

- been to the cinema lately? Watch this engaging advert about texting whilst driving... 

Volkswagen - Eyes on the road

Old School... we are aware that many people take risks by using their phones at the wheel - but what about reading a novel?

 Look at the amazing stats from this Dorset County Council survey - now that needs team work!

Well I never...Across Europe the average person would give themselves a driving score of 7.8 out of 10!! Read more...

Do you know the different effects drugs can have on a driver? - watch this.

10 reasons to not consume drugs when you drive

Thanks Rob... we were pleased to here from supporter of THT and reader of our monthly newsletter Robert Bullen following an article in last month's newsletter. 

Robert writes...

"I see that you have a picture of a Stop sign in this month's news. Don't know if you are aware, but this year is the centenary of the octagonal stop sign. It was apparently invented in Michigan in 1914 but was yellow with black lettering. It only became red with white letters in 1954, we adopted it about 20 years later.Not sure how this all relates to THT, but as a purveyor of trivia the opportunity was too good to miss....."

 Keep up the good work,

 Rob Bullen.

We saw this sign in our local motorway services - clearly someone had not read the sign!

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