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Telephone: 01626 215894

Regular ADI stuff
As we mentioned in last month's newsletter we will be adding a lot of videos to this channel in the near future so please keep visiting and looking out for updates via Twitter and Facebook.

Click here to visit our YouTube channel. Make sure that you become a subscriber so that you are the first to know when new material has been added.

Need a reminder of why we do this? Watch Eve’s heartwrenching video.

Spreading the word

In our attempts to spread the word about the good work that The Honest Truth is doing, and to encourage others to support the cause, we are adding a new area to the website where people can read about the real impact the project is having.

If you are an ADI who really sees the value in The Honest Truth project we would love to hear from you.  We are looking for ADI's from our different areas to provide us with a testimonial. All we need is short paragraph from either yourself as an ADI or one of your students.  It only needs to be a line or two stating who you are, what area of the country you work in, and what THT has done for you.

If you would like to submit a testimonial please email

THT Website

Please visit your THT website - it is always evolving.

Unlock your access to THT website.

If you are an ADI registered with the THT you can download resources from THT website. by following these simple steps.

Visit THT website > Click ADI Login > Enter Username and Password > Click Login

The login details are as follows:

Username: ADI
Password: honesttruth

Mobile optimised website

A quick reminder that you can view THT website on your phone as we launched a mobile-optimised version last month. So you have no excuses for keeping completely up to date!

Have we got your details?

When was the last time you visited The Honest Truth Web Pages? When you have a couple of spare moments take a look at the web page. Here you will find loads of useful information about the campaign, including information for ADI's, parents and students. You can also search our interactive Driving Instructor Map to make sure that prospective students will find your details and see that you have signed up to promote The Honest Truth key messages.

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