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What a year it has been!
Read THT Chair Sergeant Olly Taylor's End of Year message.

Update for 2013:

As 2013 draws to a close it’s a good time to look back over the past 12 months and reflect on the achievements of The Honest Truth. The main developments have been around the number of other partnerships around the country that have heard about the project and decided to become involved. Swindon and Wiltshire were the first new area that the team delivered into and they have taken the project on with great enthusiasm working with an increasing number of ADI’s across their areas.

Staffordshire then came on board and The Honest Truth was successfully delivered into their area with equal passion and enthusiasm. The team have also presented to numerous other partnerships around the UK and a significant number of these are arranging to deliver the project into their respective areas.

By the time you read this both Cumbria and Nottinghamshire will have delivered to their first groups of ADI’s as well as several events where the team are working with the AA and BSM to deliver to ADI’s within both of their driving schools.

As a result of feedback from partners and ADI’s we have also developed two new messages around ‘Fatigue’ and ‘Vulnerable Road Users’ that are in the process of being incorporated into the resources. For those who have existing resource packs we’ll send you inserts to go with them.

The project has recently started working with Exeter Airport and a set of travel specific messages have been developed to promote road safety amongst those returning from holiday. This is great development as it enables us to promote road safety to a wider community as while the messages have been designed for new and young drivers they are relevant to all of us who use the roads.

The New Year will see the project working with some new areas including Northern Ireland as well as continuing to work with existing areas to make sure that they have the support they need to make this project even better.

On behalf of the project team and all those who have been involved in The Honest Truth this year, in particular all the ADI’s who have signed up to deliver The Honest Truth to the most vulnerable on our roads, we would like to thank you all for your support and involvement and look forward to continuing that work in 2014.

We wish each and every one of you a safe and Happy Christmas and New Year. Don’t forget ‘The Honest Truth’ about safer driving especially across this festive period and remember small changes really do save lives.

The Honest Truth Team

The sky's the limit
Exciting news - Find out why The Honest Truth is flying high this month!

The Honest Truth has taken to the air - well, airport terminal. We are now working with Exeter International Airport to promote road safety for their customers and passengers. 

The Honest Truth Partnership launched a campaign at Exeter Airport on Tuesday 26th November to reduce anti-social driving and the number of young people killed or seriously injured on the roads.

Representatives from Devon County Council’s Safe and Sustainable Travel Team, Devon and Cornwall Police, Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue Service, Teignbridge District Council and Exeter Airport launched the award-winning ‘The Honest Truth’ road safety campaign at Exeter Airport.

The idea of the campaign is to raise awareness of the dangers of drink-driving and fatigue to airport passengers arriving at Exeter before beginning their onward journey home.

Research has shown that one of the times drivers may drive in the early hours of the morning is when they are catching, or returning from, an early flight. Drivers returning from long or short haul flights often drive home after having had very little sleep in the previous 24 hours.

Passengers may have also indulged in in-flight alcohol; this, combined with tiredness from a long journey, significantly increases the chance of a road traffic collision.

The partnership will be working with Exeter Airport to highlight these issues and make passengers aware of the potential dangers when leaving the aiport.

Chairman of The Honest Truth Partnership Sergeant Olly Tayler said: “The Honest Truth is delighted to be working with Exeter Airport to assist in educating those travelling through the airport to keep safe right up to the point they get home. While many people may think that the most dangerous part of travel is in the air, the reality is that it’s far more likely to be the last hour or so driving home. The messages around driving while fatigued or having consumed alcohol are so important to all of us using the roads. The Honest Truth is looking forward to developing our work with the airport to reduce the numbers of people being killed or seriously injured on our roads."

Cllr Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council Cabinet Member for Highway Maintenance, said: “I’m pleased that Exeter International Airport is working with this award-winning partnership to raise awareness of road safety. Drink-driving and driving while tired are extremely relevant to airport passengers. It’s a reminder to stay safe on their drive home after a flight. We are working with the airport to try to educate its passengers and staff to ensure that they do not put themselves in danger after a long flight or after consuming in-flight alcohol.”

Andy Barton, Safety, Airfield & Compliance Manager at Exeter International Airport said: “Following a series of partnership working meetings with the Road Safety Partnership, the airport was invited to attend a Learn 2 Live event. This was very well received, and was seen as an opportunity for the airport to work with the Road Safety Partnership to promote safety awareness to our travelling customers, alongside our continued safety improvement and awareness amongst our employees.”

Station Manager Rob Carlson, of Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service, said: “People should ask themselves, after a long flight, through different time zones and possibly after drinking alcohol, would they be fit to drive safely or would they be better to stay near the airport overnight.”

Read more on Exeter Airport's website

Winter travel advice
Prepare your students for a lifetime of Winter driving. Read our essential guide to coping with the conditions.

Winter Driving Advice:

With Winter rapidly approaching now is the time to make sure our cars are as well prepared as we are.  There are many simple things we can do to ensure that we aren’t caught out by the weather or the lack of a simple check on our vehicles.  Things do wear out on cars and during colder and harsh weather things can strike a lot quicker and the potential consequences can be far worse.

Tyres:  Check that your tyres have enough tread to see you through the Winter.  Road surfaces could be wet, icy or even covered in snow so making sure your tyres are in good condition could be the difference between stopping and not!!  Also make sure that they are kept correctly inflated.  Over or under inflated tyres can affect the handling of a car and its ability to stop in time.  Check them at least once a week and check for any damage to the tyre wall.  If you’re unsure what the correct inflation for your car is there are plenty of websites that can give you this information.

Lights:  Making sure all your lights are in good working order not only helps you to see where you’re going but will ensure others see you!!  Check them before any journey and if your lenses are dirty or obscured give them a wipe off.  A dirty lens can dramatically reduce the lights effectiveness.  It’s worth being familiar with how to change various bulbs in your car.  Don’t wait until your need to in the pouring rain.  Carry a selection of spare bulbs with you so you can change any that do fail.

Windscreen Wipers:  Make sure you keep an eye on wipers for any signs of damage.  It’s much better to replace them early that get to a point that you are merely pushing water around the screen rather than clearing it properly.  Keep your washer bottle topped up regularly with the correct ratio of fluid to water especially if the temperature drops below zero as a frozen washer system can be costly to repair if pipes joints split.

General Preparedness:  It’s definitely worth keeping a few extra bits in your car during the Winter months and even more so if adverse or extreme weather is forecast.  Carry a blanket or two in the event you breakdown or get caught up in road closures.  A pair of walking boots or wellington boots with decent thick socks in the event you have to leave your car and walk somewhere.  Keep your tank full of fuel and your mobile charged up.  Have a selection of snacks and drinks available especially if you’re travelling with children as it could make a real difference if you get stuck in traffic or breakdown.  When planning a journey make sure you check the weather.  If its forecast to be bad or the Police advise against travel ask yourself whether it’s really necessary to make that journey then or can it be delayed until it’s safer to do it.

P.A.N.I.C.  The PANIC App has been developed to help you in the event you are involved in or come across a collision.  It will give you invaluable advice about what to do and what the emergency services will need to know.  The App also has a location finder that will pinpoint your exact location so even when you have no idea where you are you can tell the emergency services or breakdown company where to find you.  The App is available for free on all major platforms and well worth downloading.

Keep an eye on our Twitter feed @honesttruthuk for more tips and advice on keeping safe on the roads. And don’t forget ‘Small Changes Save Lives’

By planning your travel and making sure your vehicle is ready there is no reason why we shouldn’t all have a safe and trouble free Winter on the roads.

You can find more information and travel advice here

Meet The Honest Truth board
This month we chat with board member and Teignbridge Council Officer Becca Hewitt about her passion for The Honest Truth.

Becca Hewitt has worked for Teignbridge Council for the last sixteen years. She has been the Community Safety Manager for South Devon and Dartmoor for the past six years. The Community Safety Partnership covers South Hams, Teignbridge and West Devon and works to reduce crime, disorder and anti social behaviour. "The job is really varied and no two days are the same." She has also recently qualified as a Coach and takes clients from other local authorities.

Becca only recently became a Hewitt when she got married in May of this year. When Becca is not in work she loves being with her husband and lively nine year old twins either at the coast or on Dartmoor where she grew up. Travel has been a big part of her life and she wants to show her children as much of the world as she can before they fly the nest!

Becca was involved in the very first discussions from which the Honest Truth grew. Although Partnership working and innovation has been a constant throughout her career it’s obvious that ‘The Honest Truth’ is something very special and she credits it’s success to the passion and enthusiasm of those involved, from the Board to every single Driving Instructor that has worked with the project. She is excited about what the future holds for the project as she really believes that it will help to save lives by encouraging young drivers to make one small change.


Animal Behaviour - Dog
The Honest Truth campaign owes a lot of it's recent success to the evocative animal head images. This month we take a closer look at how the Bulldog art work is being used to communicate the essential 'drink drive' road safety message

Drink-drive deaths increase in 2012

It's that time of year again when drink-driving comes into sharp focus...or should we say slightly blurred focus. After the lowest death rate for drink-drive collisions in 2011 for years, the figures for 2012 have shown a worrying increase. This spike in  fatalities from 220 in 2011 to 250 in 2012 is a stark reminder that we must not become complacent in spreading the message to students about the dangers of driving a vehicle after consuming alcohol.

A survey by the Road Safety Charity Brake revealed that an astounding 3 out of every 10 young people are willing to gamble their lives and that of their friends by taking to the wheel after consuming alcohol. An even higher proportion thought that driving the morning after a heavy night was fine. Clearly the constant reminders are needed and as ADI's you are perfectly placed to intervene.

Key information.

  • Alcohol is a factor in one in five road deaths
  • Drink driving traffic collisions are still a leading cause of alcohol related
  • deaths among young men aged 16-24.

How does alcohol affect driving skills?

  • slows your brain function and reaction times by 10 to 30%.
  • causes blurring and loss of vital peripheral vision and a 25% reduction in the ability to judge distance and speed.
  • makes you over-confident and reduces the perception of risk.
  • for young people the accident risk increases after one drink; after two iit doubles and after five it can have increased tenfold.
  • alcohol has exactly the same effect whether neat or with a mixer.
  • measures are usually bigger when you pour your drinks at home.

The morning after

How much have you drunk, when did you stop drinking, and when
do you plan to drive? These are crucial questions to answer if you want
to remain safe and legal to drive – and avoid a drink drive conviction or
being responsible for the injury or death of another road user. Alcohol
stays in your system longer than you think. If in doubt, don’t drive.
Even if all of the alcohol has left your system it can still be dangerous
to drive with a hangover. Tiredness and feeling unwell can also affect
your concentration and reaction times.

The law and punishments?

Anyone caught drink driving will be banned from the road for at least 12
months, and fined up to £5,000. Refusing to provide a breath test will
result in a minimum 12 month ban and a fine. You can also be sent to
prison .

Causing death by careless driving can lead to 14 years imprisonment, an unlimited fine, a ban from driving for at least 2 years and an extended driving test before your licence is returned.

Make sure that you are giving these life saving messages to your students during festive period and beyond.

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