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How good is your defence?

Whether it is on a football pitch or whilst on the roads of the UK the key to survival in any environment comes down to being prepared with the right knowledge and equipment. Make sure that you are equipping each and every student with the information they need by telling them all about THT messages. Make sure that they have the right equipment by insisting that they download the new edition of the FREE P.A.N.I.C. App. Watch on YouTube:


P.A.N.I.C.  app features include, embedded videos explaining what to do if you come across an injured person at the scene of a collision. The invaluable ‘My Location’ feature has been improved and now provides a complete grid reference that can be passed onto the emergency services so that they can get to you even more quickly. 

Remember the app is completely FREE and can be downloaded from your app store. Click on the link from THT website now. You may find that you need to delete the original version first.

Remember, the app has been developed for use of everyone – not just car drivers! We all know that young people are often travelling as passengers in fully occupied vehicles – let’s make sure at least one of them has the app! It is extremely important to ask students to encourage their friends to download the app. If you use social media or have your own website then please advertise it at every opportunity. This is something tangible that really will save lives.

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