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Winter travel advice

Winter Driving Advice:

With Winter rapidly approaching now is the time to make sure our cars are as well prepared as we are.  There are many simple things we can do to ensure that we aren’t caught out by the weather or the lack of a simple check on our vehicles.  Things do wear out on cars and during colder and harsh weather things can strike a lot quicker and the potential consequences can be far worse.

Tyres:  Check that your tyres have enough tread to see you through the Winter.  Road surfaces could be wet, icy or even covered in snow so making sure your tyres are in good condition could be the difference between stopping and not!!  Also make sure that they are kept correctly inflated.  Over or under inflated tyres can affect the handling of a car and its ability to stop in time.  Check them at least once a week and check for any damage to the tyre wall.  If you’re unsure what the correct inflation for your car is there are plenty of websites that can give you this information.

Lights:  Making sure all your lights are in good working order not only helps you to see where you’re going but will ensure others see you!!  Check them before any journey and if your lenses are dirty or obscured give them a wipe off.  A dirty lens can dramatically reduce the lights effectiveness.  It’s worth being familiar with how to change various bulbs in your car.  Don’t wait until your need to in the pouring rain.  Carry a selection of spare bulbs with you so you can change any that do fail.

Windscreen Wipers:  Make sure you keep an eye on wipers for any signs of damage.  It’s much better to replace them early that get to a point that you are merely pushing water around the screen rather than clearing it properly.  Keep your washer bottle topped up regularly with the correct ratio of fluid to water especially if the temperature drops below zero as a frozen washer system can be costly to repair if pipes joints split.

General Preparedness:  It’s definitely worth keeping a few extra bits in your car during the Winter months and even more so if adverse or extreme weather is forecast.  Carry a blanket or two in the event you breakdown or get caught up in road closures.  A pair of walking boots or wellington boots with decent thick socks in the event you have to leave your car and walk somewhere.  Keep your tank full of fuel and your mobile charged up.  Have a selection of snacks and drinks available especially if you’re travelling with children as it could make a real difference if you get stuck in traffic or breakdown.  When planning a journey make sure you check the weather.  If its forecast to be bad or the Police advise against travel ask yourself whether it’s really necessary to make that journey then or can it be delayed until it’s safer to do it.

P.A.N.I.C.  The PANIC App has been developed to help you in the event you are involved in or come across a collision.  It will give you invaluable advice about what to do and what the emergency services will need to know.  The App also has a location finder that will pinpoint your exact location so even when you have no idea where you are you can tell the emergency services or breakdown company where to find you.  The App is available for free on all major platforms and well worth downloading.

Keep an eye on our Twitter feed @honesttruthuk for more tips and advice on keeping safe on the roads. And don’t forget ‘Small Changes Save Lives’

By planning your travel and making sure your vehicle is ready there is no reason why we shouldn’t all have a safe and trouble free Winter on the roads.

You can find more information and travel advice here

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