Welcome to the June Newsletter

Welcome to the June edition of the THT newsletter. Whether you are a football fanatic or you will be running from the television to find something, anything, to escape Brazil 2014 - you do not want to miss out on this month's THT newsletter. The month we focus on Drink Driving.

As always, contributions and suggestions are welcome - please contact us.

Message from our Chairman

Welcome to our latest newsletter and it seems hard to believe that...

...we’re almost half way through 2014!!  The better weather certainly seems to have brought a lot more people out on to the roads making the most of warmer weather and lighter evenings.  With this in mind don’t forget to be extra observant for the more vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists and those riding horses and bikes as well as those pounding the highways and byways on foot.

This month’s focus is on drinking and driving and you can read about this and see our message especially designed to remind people about having an over excess of alcohol during the upcoming Football World Cup.  It’s a really easy message to remember... DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!!!

I’m sure most of you will have seen or heard about the My Red Thumb launch on the 14th May.  So many of you got involved and joined the Red Thumb Revolution.  A huge thank you to you all and for those who are wondering what on earth I’m talking about check out www.myredthumb.com and join the fun.  It’s an ongoing campaign so it’s never too late to become part of it.  Keep those red thumb selfies coming in on social media.

I said last month that we had some exciting news to share with you.  The board are in the process of applying for charitable status for The Honest Truth to become a formal Road Safety charity.  This decision has been made to enable us to develop more of our ideas and restructure the project for the future.  We’re hoping this change will enable us to access additional funding streams to develop some of our larger and grander ideas.

As usual we’ve been tweaking the website www.thehonesttruth.co.uk and if you haven’t been on it for a while check it out and let us know what you think.

Next month we’re hoping to start a series of articles written by people who get involved in the investigation of or are affected by serious and fatal collisions.  I’ve seen a couple of the articles already and they are really moving and thought provoking.  I guarantee this is something you won’t want to miss!

On behalf of the Honest Truth board we’d like to thank every one of you for all that you do to make the roads safer for all of us.  It only needs each of us to make that one ‘small change’ and together we can make a real difference.

Safe Driving,



Performing on the BIG stage...
Exciting news! THT are proud and privileged to have been asked to present at this years National Road Safety Great Britain conference in Brighton. We hope to see many of you there on 25th-26th November.

Focus of the month
The focus for this month is Drink Drive - see how THT dog is helping World cup fans...

Special edition - World Cup Drink Drive campaign

This month THT have gone football crazy and our iconic dog has been visiting pubs to raise the awareness about the dangers of drink driving.

One thing is guaranteed about this month's Football World Cup - it does not really matter how the players perform on the pitch lots and lots of people will be celebrating or commiserating with a alcoholic beverage. We do not want to dampen anyone's spirits - pardon the pun!, but it is important that we are getting the road safety message out there that 'consequences last longer than a hangover.

You may see these special edition posters or beer mats in your local pub during the weeks of the World cup and throughout the Summer festivities - make sure you do your bit and spread the word to your students about alcohol limits and the morning after!

Have people not got the message after all this time?

For years people have been aware that Drink Driving is really not a good idea and yet it seems that we still need to constantly drip feed the message to get it through. Read this.
and this.

A quick reminder of some of the key points around drink from THT.

How does alcohol affect driving skills?

■ slows your brain function and reaction times by 10 to 30%.
■ causes blurring and loss of vital peripheral vision and a 25%.reduction in the ability to judge distance and speed.
■ makes you over-confident and reduces the perception of risk.
■ for young people the accident risk increases after one drink; after two it doubles and after five it can have increased tenfold.
■ alcohol has exactly the same effect whether neat or with a mixer.
■ measures are usually bigger when you pour your drinks at home.

And one of the most important things to get across to your students...

The morning after

Crucial questions they need to ask themselves:

How much have I drunk?
When did I stop drinking?
When do I plan to drive?when did you stop drinking, and when do you plan to drive?

Remain safe and legal to drive – and avoid a drink drive conviction or being responsible for the injury or death of another road user. Alcohol stays in your system longer than you think. If in doubt, don’t drive. 


Meet the Board - on the bench this month...

Over recent months we have met a variety of people who sit on THT board and make things happen. This month we want to put the most important person in the spotlight...

...and that person is...YOU!

Whether you are an ADI, another road professional, or just one of our loyal supporters, you are the most important component of THT campaign. We depend on you for ideas, inspiration and feedback. Please let us know what is working for you, where we could improve and any other ideas you have to drive THT forward to become the number one road safety campaign in the UK and beyond. We would like to put some testimonials from our members on our website to encourage other ADI's to sign up to this fantastic campaign. Drop us a couple of lines to the usual email address - include a picture if you wish.

Grab a seat for the BIG event!
I know what your thinking - England vs Italy on Saturday night...well, actually, no... we are talking about an event with huge passion and knowledge mixed with a dash of humour...

Due to popular demand THT guys are going digital and hosting their first ever Internet webinar. Please join them on Thursday 17th June from 8.00pm to 9.30pm from the comfort of your own home.  Use a Smart TV, laptop, PC, tablet, mobile phone or anything else you can find to access the internet to witness this epic moment.

You will be treated to the dulcet tones of THT Chairman Sergeant Olly Tayler and The Honest Truth founder member Devon and Somerset Station Manager Rob Carlson.

This will be an opportunity to listen to the latest information and pose questions from the comfort of your own home. Please be kind to them if there are any technical gremlins on the night!

Click on the link below to register your interest – enter your name and email address, the system will automatically register you for the webinar and give you the option to add a calendar reminder to Outlook – so no excuses for forgetting!


We are supporting the reds...
The Honest Truth team have been receiving stranger than normal looks from members of the public as we all painted our thumbs red in support of the road safety campaign My Red Thumb....

My Red Thumb - Things You Can Do With Your Thumb

If you are on social media you will no doubt have come across reference to My Red Thumb last month. The Honest Truth was proud to lend their support to this simple road safety campaign aimed at increasing awareness of using a mobile phone when driving. As a keen supporter of The Honest Truth you will recognise that this campaign directly reflects one of the main THT animals - the Parrot.

Thanks so much to everyone who has been working hard to promote the My Red Thumb road safety campaign. If you follow THT on Twitter (and if you don't - why not?) then you will have seen the plethora of decorated thumbs on display. During the first week of the campaign, launched in Devon the website and YouTube videos received literally thousands of hits. We were amazed at the activity even Edmund King from the AA and Olympic Legend Kris Accabusi got on board!

If you have been sleeping under a rock for the last couple of weeks and don’t know anything about My Red Thumb - now is the time to get involved. Essentially, My Red Thumb is a simple road safety awareness campaign aimed at reducing the number of people using mobile phones whilst driving. The idea comes to us from America and we are pleased to say that we have been able to work in close contact with our colleagues across the pond to launch over here.

My Red Thumb is ongoing and we would encourage all ADI's to get behind us and show your support. Why not get all of your students to paint their thumbnail red (or whatever colour they prefer) so that they get the message and can spread it amongst their peers - cars and phones do not mix! Any thumb makeovers should be photographed and sent to MyRedThumb to be uploaded to the gallery of fame.

Thanks again to all of you for making this such a success - now the rest of you - please get spreading the word!

How good is your defence?
What does it take to survive in the wild? 

Whether it is on a football pitch or whilst on the roads of the UK the key to survival in any environment comes down to being prepared with the right knowledge and equipment. Make sure that you are equipping each and every student with the information they need by telling them all about THT messages. Make sure that they have the right equipment by insisting that they download the new edition of the FREE P.A.N.I.C. App. Watch on YouTube:


P.A.N.I.C.  app features include, embedded videos explaining what to do if you come across an injured person at the scene of a collision. The invaluable ‘My Location’ feature has been improved and now provides a complete grid reference that can be passed onto the emergency services so that they can get to you even more quickly. 

Remember the app is completely FREE and can be downloaded from your app store. Click on the link from THT website now. You may find that you need to delete the original version first.

Remember, the app has been developed for use of everyone – not just car drivers! We all know that young people are often travelling as passengers in fully occupied vehicles – let’s make sure at least one of them has the app! It is extremely important to ask students to encourage their friends to download the app. If you use social media or have your own website then please advertise it at every opportunity. This is something tangible that really will save lives.

Tweet of the month

Web watch
More interesting articles, videos and information from the web including recognising the signs of drug use, and getting stuck into a book at 70mph ...

Have a look at some of interesting things we have seen on the web over the past month... 

- been to the cinema lately? Watch this engaging advert about texting whilst driving... 

Volkswagen - Eyes on the road

Old School... we are aware that many people take risks by using their phones at the wheel - but what about reading a novel?

 Look at the amazing stats from this Dorset County Council survey - now that needs team work!

Well I never...Across Europe the average person would give themselves a driving score of 7.8 out of 10!! Read more...

Do you know the different effects drugs can have on a driver? - watch this.

10 reasons to not consume drugs when you drive

Thanks Rob... we were pleased to here from supporter of THT and reader of our monthly newsletter Robert Bullen following an article in last month's newsletter. 

Robert writes...

"I see that you have a picture of a Stop sign in this month's news. Don't know if you are aware, but this year is the centenary of the octagonal stop sign. It was apparently invented in Michigan in 1914 but was yellow with black lettering. It only became red with white letters in 1954, we adopted it about 20 years later.Not sure how this all relates to THT, but as a purveyor of trivia the opportunity was too good to miss....."

 Keep up the good work,

 Rob Bullen.

We saw this sign in our local motorway services - clearly someone had not read the sign!

Regular ADI stuff

Whether you are new to The Honest Truth, or one of our loyal legion, please check out all of the latest ADI information.

As we mentioned in last month's newsletter we will be adding a lot of videos to this channel in the near future so please keep visiting and looking out for updates via Twitter and Facebook.

Click here to visit our YouTube channel. Make sure that you become a subscriber so that you are the first to know when new material has been added.

Need a reminder of why we do this? Watch Eve’s heartwrenching video.

Spreading the word

In our attempts to spread the word about the good work that The Honest Truth is doing, and to encourage others to support the cause, we are adding a new area to the website where people can read about the real impact the project is having.

If you are an ADI who really sees the value in The Honest Truth project we would love to hear from you.  We are looking for ADI's from our different areas to provide us with a testimonial. All we need is short paragraph from either yourself as an ADI or one of your students.  It only needs to be a line or two stating who you are, what area of the country you work in, and what THT has done for you.

If you would like to submit a testimonial please email info@thehonesttruth.co.uk

THT Website

Please visit your THT website - it is always evolving.

Unlock your access to THT website.

If you are an ADI registered with the THT you can download resources from THT website. by following these simple steps.

Visit THT website > Click ADI Login > Enter Username and Password > Click Login

The login details are as follows:

Username: ADI
Password: honesttruth

Mobile optimised website

A quick reminder that you can view THT website on your phone as we launched a mobile-optimised version last month. So you have no excuses for keeping completely up to date!

Have we got your details?

When was the last time you visited The Honest Truth Web Pages? When you have a couple of spare moments take a look at the web page. Here you will find loads of useful information about the campaign, including information for ADI's, parents and students. You can also search our interactive Driving Instructor Map to make sure that prospective students will find your details and see that you have signed up to promote The Honest Truth key messages.

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