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Focus of the month

Special edition - World Cup Drink Drive campaign

This month THT have gone football crazy and our iconic dog has been visiting pubs to raise the awareness about the dangers of drink driving.

One thing is guaranteed about this month's Football World Cup - it does not really matter how the players perform on the pitch lots and lots of people will be celebrating or commiserating with a alcoholic beverage. We do not want to dampen anyone's spirits - pardon the pun!, but it is important that we are getting the road safety message out there that 'consequences last longer than a hangover.

You may see these special edition posters or beer mats in your local pub during the weeks of the World cup and throughout the Summer festivities - make sure you do your bit and spread the word to your students about alcohol limits and the morning after!

Have people not got the message after all this time?

For years people have been aware that Drink Driving is really not a good idea and yet it seems that we still need to constantly drip feed the message to get it through. Read this.
and this.

A quick reminder of some of the key points around drink from THT.

How does alcohol affect driving skills?

■ slows your brain function and reaction times by 10 to 30%.
■ causes blurring and loss of vital peripheral vision and a 25%.reduction in the ability to judge distance and speed.
■ makes you over-confident and reduces the perception of risk.
■ for young people the accident risk increases after one drink; after two it doubles and after five it can have increased tenfold.
■ alcohol has exactly the same effect whether neat or with a mixer.
■ measures are usually bigger when you pour your drinks at home.

And one of the most important things to get across to your students...

The morning after

Crucial questions they need to ask themselves:

How much have I drunk?
When did I stop drinking?
When do I plan to drive?when did you stop drinking, and when do you plan to drive?

Remain safe and legal to drive – and avoid a drink drive conviction or being responsible for the injury or death of another road user. Alcohol stays in your system longer than you think. If in doubt, don’t drive. 


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