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Regular ADI reminders

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When was the last time you visited The Honest Truth Web Pages? When you have a couple of spare moments take a look at the web page. Here you will find loads of useful information about the campaign, including information for ADI's, parents and students. You can also search our interactive Driving Instructor Map to make sure that prospective students will find your details and see that you have signed up to promote The Honest Truth key messages.

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Make sure that you have a full set of resources to engage your students about The Honest Truth messages.

If you need additional teaching prompt cards or leaflets from our multiple award winning resource pack, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch - our contact details are in the left hand column of this newsletter.

If you have been a part of the campaign for a while, you may not have our new Honest Truth business cards with a space on the back to write your contact details on. If you want these just contact us and we’ll send them out to you free of charge.

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