What is the Local Plan?

The Local Plan is an important planning document which sets out the planning vision for the district and covers a range of topics including jobs, homes, facilities and environmental protection. It guides where development will and won’t go up to 2033 and is our first consideration when planning decisions are made. The other parts of the 'development plan' are the Minerals Local Plan and the Waste Local Plan produced by Devon County Council and Neighbourhood Plans prepared by local communities.

This is the first review of the plan since it was adopted in 2014. We're consulting with statutory partners and anyone who is interested through a public consultation from 21 May  - 16 July 2018.


You can get involved in a number of ways:

At this stage, known as the ‘Issues’ stage, the review will address overall direction of the plan including possible places where development could take place. There is now an opportunity to:
• Extend the plan period to 2040.
• Respond to community ambitions for their area.
• Identify what has worked and what requires improvement.
• Align policies and proposals with the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan.
• Update and reflect evidence.
• Reflect changes to legislation, national policy, guidance and adopted Neighbourhood Plans.

As part of the consultation you will be able to be comment on supporting documents which directly impact on plan-making such as environmental assessments, settlement boundaries, settlement hierarchy and Statement of Community Involvement. In future stages, there will be opportunities to comment on draft policies and potential development sites.

Call for sites

We are also doing a ‘call for sites’ –  an invitation for landowners and land promoters to submit sites to be considered for development. You can do this at: www.teignbridge.gov.uk/callforsites

You can examine the Local Plan and its supporting documents at our Forde House office and local libraries. Read our press release announcing the consultation.